SoleShare isn't a fishmonger. There's no telling what you'll get each week. But that's the whole point. We only provide our members with what's seasonal. We operate a 'whole catch' ethos, rather than cherry picking the most sought after species.  By buying all of a fisherman's catch at a fair price, we reward and encourage responsible practices.

Many wholesalers pay fishermen a set price for fish, regardless of whether it's been caught on a landline or in a trawl net. We want to incentivise low impact fishing methods. Martin, our fisherman only uses rod and line and static nets and we believe he should command a higher price for his catch.

We pay Martin above the market price for his fish. Obviously, we have to pass this cost on to our members. But we're also passing on total transparency from dock to dish.  

Over the course of the season, we'll supply you with an amazing variety of fish, some highly valued, others less so (but equally delicious). 

Community Supported Fisheries are just that, communities supporting fishermen. It's like buying organic food: you're making sure that your money is going to someone who's methods you support. 

We want to connect responsible inshore fishermen with people that want to support their way of life. If you love fish and you care where it comes from, join us.