Theresa Douthwright MSc  

Theresa is an aquatic ecologist and sea-foodie. After several years at sea as a research diver in her native Canada, she moved to London and has become increasingly involved in London’s sustainable food movement. With a keen interest in bringing local seafood back to the common plate, in 2012 she co-founded The Mother Shuckers, a pop-up British oyster bar based in London.

She hopes SoleShare will boost London's appetite for local seafood and encourage public interest in protecting our seas and coastal communities.

Martin Fuller

Martin's been fishing for many years. He fishes out of Newhaven on his 16ft open boat, Violet May. He shares our ideas when it comes to responsible fishing methods and sustainability and he's about as low impact as they come.  All his fish are caught using a rod and line or static gear. We want to make sure he's rewarded for fishing the way he does, we hope you do too.

Jack Clarke MSc

Jack is a marine biologist by training. After spending a few years working in a variety of tropical paradises, he decided to follow his dreams of getting an underpaid office job in his hometown of London.

In 2013, Jack set up Catchbox, the first Community Supported Fishery in the UK. He has a genuine passion for safeguarding the marine environment as well as the jobs of small scale fishermen that rely on it.