FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                            18th February, 2015 


SoleShare is revolutionising the way Londoners buy their seafood.

With its unique fish box scheme, SoleShare is bringing Londoners a new way to access exceptionally fresh, locally caught seafood. Founded by two marine scientists, SoleShare works directly with small-scale, British fishermen to supply their members in London with regular shares of seafood. With three new locations opening in London next month, their approach is catching on. 

‘It’s like a veg box, but with fish’ says co-founder, Jack Clarke, ‘We set out to support British fishers that use environmentally responsible methods - no trawlers, no bycatch, no damage to the seabed’.  All of SoleShare’s fish is caught using low-impact methods by small, inshore boats - rod and reels, static nets & pots. ‘As marine conservationists, this part of the story is incredibly important to us and was a real motivation for setting up SoleShare in the first place’ says co-founder Theresa Douthwright.

SoleShare follows a ‘catch of the day’ approach, buying everything their fishermen catch from squid to sole, mullet to mackerel. It means their members have access to a diverse mix of exceptionally fresh fish & seafood, rather than the same old, uniform packets you’ll find in the supermarket.

This comes with the added reassurance of a 100% traceable supply chain - or as SoleShare calls it ‘faceability’. ‘We’ll tell you when and where your fish was caught, down to the name of the fishermen and time landed’. SoleShare fish often reaches their members within 6-8 hours of it being caught and always within 48 hours of it hitting the dock.

“SoleShare has changed my approach to buying fish. I really appreciated talking to Theresa and Jack, learning where the fish was coming from, what the conditions were like that week, and picking up new recipes to try out. Meeting other SoleShare members really created a sense of community around a quality product. I will never go back to pre-packaged fillets again!”
- Katie, 2014 SoleShare Member

As part of their quest to educate and inspire Londoners to embrace a wider variety of local fish, members receive weekly recipe cards that feature the catch of the day, highlighting simple preparation techniques to help make the most of their share. They also run a regular ‘intro to fish preparation and filleting’ workshop for all members and the public. ‘We want to encourage our members to make the most of their catch and it’s amazing what a couple hours of guidance and practice can do to build confidence in the kitchen’.  

The SoleShare approach also has more far reaching benefits. By working directly with  responsible, small-scale fishermen, SoleShare pay them a fair price for their fish. ‘We want to incentivise sustainable fishing, increasing the resilience of our coastal economies, as well as the seas that surround them’.

Their reputation is getting out to local restaurants too and they are now supplying a handful of London chefs that are committed to sustainable sourcing and getting fresh local fish back on the menu.

SoleShare's next season of fish boxes kicks off week commencing 1st March 2015 with collection points in Hackney, Stoke Newington, Islington & Clapton and more locations opening across the capital through 2015.


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Theresa Douthwright, Co-founder                                             Jack Clarke, Co-founder                                                     
+44 077 9206 5231                                                                    +44 075 1546 2125



Established in Sept 2013, SoleShare started out with one hub in London Fields supplied by a single fisherman, fishing from his small boat out of Newhaven, Sussex. By March 2015 they will have four hubs across Islington, Stoke Newington, Clapton & Hackney. They now have three fishermen on board - from Kent to Cornwall - who supply them regularly.

Aired in December 2014, Al Jazeera, take an inside look at how SoleShare operate:

Co-founders, Jack Clarke MSc and Theresa Douthwright MSc

Jack is a marine biologist by training. Prior to SoleShare, Jack Clarke, set up Catchbox, Europe’s first Community Supported Fishery. Catchbox is a not for profit Co-Operative based in Brighton and now run entirely by its members.  He has a genuine passion for safeguarding the marine environment as well as the jobs of small scale fishermen that rely on it.

Theresa is an aquatic ecologist by training. After several years at sea as a research diver in her native Canada, she moved to London and has become increasingly involved in London’s sustainable food movement beginning with her work for the charity Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. She hopes SoleShare will boost London's appetite for local seafood and encourage public interest in protecting our seas and coastal communities.