Here at SoleShare we try to keep things simple. It's the best way for our fishermen and our members seem to enjoy it too. 

A small commitment from each of our members translates into a big deal to our fishermen. It means we can provide a stable and consistent market for their catch. It means less worry for them and more delicious fish for you. That's why we take payments on a rolling monthly basis.


'Weekly collection' prices = TOTAL price for 4 collections
'Fortnightly collection' prices = TOTAL price for 2 collections

When you sign up, you set up a simple direct debit with our payment handlers at GoCardless. The prices above are based on 4 week months, occasionally there are 5 weeks in a month, in which case you'll be charged for the extra portion. 

To get the most out of your membership, we suggest sticking with us for a few months, that way you'll get a real sense of the variety of seafood available around our coastline.

If you have any queries about pricing, or would like to discuss alternative payment methods, do get in touch.