You hear the word sustainability bandied around a lot, especially in the fish world. We set up SoleShare with the aim of bringing a genuinely sustainable business model to seafood supply. All our seafood is caught in a way that's environmentally sustainable and by working directly with fishermen we can ensure it's economically sustainable for them. By educating our members we're helping to create a socially sustainable model too.

Our Model: The Community Supported Fishery

An inside look at how we work. Al Jazeera joins us & our fisherman Martin for the day.

A “Community Supported Fishery” (CSF) is an alternative model for selling fresh, locally-sourced seafood. Based on community supported agriculture (CSA) programs (think veg box), CSFs aim to encourage good relationships between local fishermen, consumers and the sea by bringing top quality, locally caught seafood direct to their members.

CSFs encourage sustainable fishing practices and strengthen relationships between small-scale fishermen and communities. The CSF approach originated in the United States and there are now several successful and inspiring CSFs across the US, Canada and Europe. 

We're proud to be London's first.