SoleShare fish was the first fish I prepared at home, and I have to say the freshness of the fish made me look like a gourmet. This is one of our favourite things about the neighbourhood. THANK YOU!!! Can’t wait to resubscribe
SoleShare has changed my approach to buying fish. Going for my fortnightly pickup, I really appreciated talking to Theresa and Jack, learning where the fish was coming from, what the conditions were like that week, and picking up new recipes to try out. Meeting other SoleShare members really created a sense of community around a quality product. I will never go back to pre-packaged fillets again!
It was fun, felt good to support sustainably caught fish, was super delicious, and our kids were bonkers for it. I love that most weeks we had a choice of fish and every week we had lots and lots of fish—which I NEVER would go to buy normally
The fish tasted great, it was lovely to have the surprise catch every week, and the service was excellent!
The fish was of such a good quality that I’m sad I have to wait until March to sign up again! Also loved the recipes each week and the knife skills workshop was great - Thank you!
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