Cancer pagarus

Crabs are decapods (literally “ten-footed”). Their exoskeleton (shell) protects them from predators, but also means they need to moult every year in order to grow. They’re nocturnal predators targeting a range of molluscs & crustaceans.

60,000 tonnes of brown crab are caught in Europe each year. It’s a very well managed fishery & very sustainable. They’re caught in pots & there are strict rules on minimum sizes, any that are under size or carrying eggs are thrown back into the sea to grow & reproduce.

Some people find the idea of dressing a crab a bit daunting. Watch this video first and trust us, it’s a doddle. We find it quite therapeutic. Put some music on, glass of wine and try not to eat all as you do it.

The white meat is found in the claws, legs & thorax. Its sweetness is perfectly balanced by the umami richness of the brown meat found inside the carapace. When mixed together, these two compliment one another perfectly. One of Nature’s little gifts.

Go easy when cracking the claws, gentle taps, you just want to crack the shell, not redecorate the kitchen with crab juice.


The best way to eat crab is simply: good bread, homemade mayo, lemon, pepper, & dry white wine. Or to stretch it a bit further try a crab linguine or potato salad.

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