Tell me about the fish

At SoleShare we're big on freshness, our fish is landed and on your plate in under 48 hours. Sometimes within hours of it being caught. It doesn't go via processors or wholesalers, it comes off the boat and straight to you.

We operate a whole catch ethos, we don't just cherry pick well known species. We buy everything a fisherman catches, we think this is a more sustainable way of doing business. As fishermen catch different species every day, you'll be getting a variety of seafood throughout the season. So sometimes you may get a great deal on a premium fish, and other times you may pay a premium for a lower value (but equally delicious) species.

We have two different share types: 'Whole Fish' and 'Oven-Ready'.

Whole Fish

When we first started, all our fish came whole. While some people love this, it isn't for everyone. Almost all the fish will be unfilleted, sometimes not gutted and will still have a head. All flatfish are gutted (it is standard practice for flatfish to be gutted onboard the boat). We almost always cook our fish whole and will supply you with a recipe every week showing you how to do it (for more recipes, see the fish page).

N.B. On Wednesdays, we can only offer fish whole, as we simply don't have time to prep the fish between it being landed and giving it to you!

Whole Fish Share Size

You're buying a share of a fisherman's catch. We have three different share sizes 1/2kg, 1kg, 2kg. We say that 1/2kg will usually yield two portions. As an example you'll get 2 average sized mackerel in 1/2 kg portion - so plenty for 2 meals. 

Unfortunately fish don’t come in rounded metric units. They vary in size and weight and individual species also vary in their yields (i.e. how much meat is on the bone). We use 500 grams as a loose measure. Some weeks you may receive 650g, others 450g. If we're ever over, it's our treat and if we're ever under, we'll make sure we make it up to you on your next collection.  

Occasionally, when our fisherman catch very large fish, we may give you fillets or steaks. When you fillet a cod weighing 2kg you’re left with just over 1 kilo of fillets and just under a kilo of bones, fins and head. So when we give you fillets we deal in portions rather than weights, just bare in mind, they won’t weigh as much as your regular share.

Your share will be wrapped in parchment and bagged for you. If you are traveling a long way, you may want to bring an insulated bag to keep your share cool. Our fish will keep happily in the fridge for 3 days and freezes well.




The 'Oven-Ready' share includes fish that have been cleaned & fully prepared for cooking. Most fish will be filleted, fish unsuitable for filleting (e.g Dover sole, skate, huss etc) will be prepared and ready to cook. This is a great option for those of you who want a quicker more convenient option. It can go straight from the pack into the pan. All shares will have a quick and easy recipe for a 15 minute dinner.

N.B. While the 'Oven-Ready' share contains mainly filleted fish, there will on occasion, be whole fish with bones in, but cleaned, prepped and ready for the oven.

Oven-Ready Share Size

With the Oven-Ready option, we're a bit more flexible when it comes to share sizes. We buy whole fish off our fishermen and then fillet them down. When filleting fish, we tend lose quite a lot of weight in the head and body that are thrown away (but we've paid for). It means we have to buy in a bit more fish to account for this (hence the higher price for the 'Oven-Ready' share). We take a 'portion' to mean 180 grams of filleted fish. For other fish, we'll make sure there's a hearty meal for two. 

Your share will be wrapped in parchment and bagged for you. If you are traveling a long way, you may want to bring an insulated bag to keep your share cool. Our fish will keep happily in the fridge for 3 days and freezes well.


Where do I pick up my fish?

We currently have ten London pickup locations with more coming soon. You choose a primary pickup hub when you sign up.  All of our pickup hubs are shown here. Some of our pickup hubs are staffed by us, others are staffed by our hosts. You'll get them same catch regardless!


We have partnered with some great businesses to host our SoleShare pickup hubs. They are however just our hosts and SoleShare is completely independent from them. If you are unable to collect your share, have a question about pick up hours or other, please contact us and NOT the venue.

If you know you can’t make it to a collection one week, please let us know so we can rearrange things for you. Either let us know in person or give us a call or email. We just ask that you do so by 5pm on the Monday of the week of your collection. If you fail to inform us in time and do not collect your fish during the set pickup times we’ll make sure your fish goes to a good home, but you will be charged for it. At this stage we will have already ordered and paid for your fish. Any fish that is not collected by the end of the pickup will be given away at the end of the day. You will not be able to collect your share at a later date. We hope you understand.

If you can’t collect your fish, you have a number of options:

a. Send a friend or family member
The simplest and most popular option - you can always send a friend, housemate or family member to collect your share, just get them to say your name at the pickup hub. You don’t even need to tell us beforehand!

b. Collect from a different venue
We operate on Wednesdays and Thursdays in and around North/East London. If you’d like to collect your share from a different pickup hub one week, just let us know by 5pm on the Monday of the week of your collection.

c. Swap weeks
If you collect your fish fortnightly and would like to collect your share two weeks in a row, this isn’t a problem, just let us know by 5pm on the Monday of the week of your collection.

d. Collect a double share next time
If you’re away one week and you’d like to skip a week and collect double next time, it’s not problem, just let us know by 5pm on the Monday of the week of your collection.

If you simply forget on the day, sorry, there’s nothing we can do. 

I'm going on holiday, can I put a hold on my account?

If you're going away for 2 weeks or more, we can hold payment on your membership for the duration, to save you from cancelling your membership and having to sign up again. Just let us know by 5pm on the Monday of the week of your collection.

what do i do if i want to cancel my membership?

When you first sign up to SoleShare, you pay for your entire first month of seafood. After your first month your membership will continue on a rolling monthly basis and your account will be debited each month for the amount you originally signed up for. If you're happy with things, you don't need to do a thing. If you do need to cancel your membership for any reason, you can do so anytime after your first month with us. All we ask is that you give us 5 working days notice so that we can cancel your membership and ensure you are not charged for an additional month.

There’s a storm brewing, will I still get my fish this week?

We only buy fish from inshore fishermen. Their boats are all less than 10m long and sometimes they can't get out if the weather is too rough. We work with fishermen across the country, so small localised events don’t leave us high and dry. Still, occasionally we get the tail end of a hurricane and there’s no way to get fish. We can normally give you advance warning that there won’t be any fish, but we cannot guarantee it. If you ever go without fish, rest assured, we will make it up to you by adding on an extra week to your collections, or giving you a double share on a week of your choosing.

Text reminders

You can sign up to our text reminder service which will send you a text on your collection day to remind you. The text reminders are an added bonus. Unfortunately, the software is not perfect and occasionally, your number may slip through the net. If you do not receive a text message, do not assume it is not your turn to collect your fish. It is up to you as a grown up to remember to collect your share each week. We’ll do what we can to help, but it’s your responsibility to collect your share.


We tend to get shellfish for our members once per month (weather permitting). By shellfish we mean crustaceans (crab, lobster, langoustine, crayfish), bivalves (cockles, mussels, oysters, clams) as well as cephalopods (squid and cuttlefish). If you are allergic to shellfish, please tick the no shellfish option on your signup form and we’ll do our best to find you some fish. 

Crustaceans (e.g. crab, lobster, langoustine) are normally cooked beforehand and you simply need to dress them at home. Occasionally they may be alive and will require dispatching at home. Please be aware that this may very occasionally be the case.

If we supply you with mussels, you will receive double portions. Oysters are supplied at: 8 per 500g, 16 per 1kg.