Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis


A common flatfish found in shelf seas throughout the northeast Atlantic. Megrim spawns in spring in deep water off Iceland, and between January and April along the edge of the continental shelf to the southwest and west of the British Isles. Megrim can attain a length of about 60 cm, although more usually 35-45 cm, and a maximum age of 14-15 years.

Also known as whiff, megrim is more appreciated by the Spanish and French than in the UK. It has an oval body similar to lemon sole with a sandy-brown dark side but is from the same family as turbot and brill.



Megrim has seen a dramatic improvement in sustainability levels in recent years. Despite this, the majority of the stock caught by British fishers is exported to France & Spain where it is loved.  

In the same family as turbot and brill, megrim has a softer flesh and a thin skin which can be readily crisped.

We almost always cooks them whole, on the bone, just trim the fins off (and the head if your fish doesn’t fit in the pan), rub in some oil and season.  Asian steamed flatfish recipes work very well, as do good old lemon and butter.

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