Pollachius pollachius



Pollack are found from Norway all the way down to Portugal and are abundant in British coastal waters. They live on or near the seabed and are live a sedentary life, feeding on crustaceans and small fish.



The Alaskan pollack fishery is one of the most productive on the planet- it provides McDonald’s with their filets’o’fish.

The humble European pollack on the other hand, whilst plentiful, is rarely targeted. They are quick to grow and have short lives and are therefore prefect fish for catching sustainably, their reputation, whilst better than 20 years ago, has still yet to see a marked increase in prices at the dock though.

They’re normally caught as bycatch when targeting cod and sole and also in Cornwall went catching mackerel.



Pollack have received a lot of attention in recent years, conservationists have been pushing them as a tasty alternative to cod, whereas critics such as A. A. Gill have vented their rage at seeing them featured on menus.

Like cod, they’re not the most exciting fish on the planet, but eaten fresh and treated well, they're delicious. As with cod, pouting and whiting a quick salt cure or brine firms up their flesh no end and really draws out the flavour too.

Or simply give them a crust of breadcrumbs and flavourings of your choice to give some contrast in texture.


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