Our 2016 Fishermen

We set up SoleShare to support sustainable fishing and the men and women involved in it. We buy straight from the fishermen, which means our seafood comes direct to you, straight from dock to dish. Going direct means that we can pay our fishermen in person - no agents or wholesalers - and we pay them a decent price for their catch, one that reflects the value of their hard work and sustainable practices. 

All of our fishermen fish inshore. They use small boats, under ten metres in length and only use methods we approve of - static nets, pots, rod & line. 

Martin Fuller

Boat: Violet May

Port: Newhaven, East Sussex

Martin's been with us since day one, he's about as low impact as they come. He only uses static gear and hand lines and catches a variety of fish from his 16 ft open hulled boat. We say our fish comes direct from the fisherman in less than 48 hours, but the truth is that when Martin's in charge, your fish may still be twitching when you collect.  He's got a reel knack (and a bit of a lead foot) for getting his fish from the sea to the city in a matter of hours. No joke, it's that fresh.

He's a talented and hard working fishermen and we're proud to have him on board. If you want to see him in action, check out our press page.

Joe Thomas

Boat: Annalousion

Port: Dungeness, Kent

Joe inherited his dad, Ken's boat when he retired from active duty. The Thomas family have been fishing for generations and live in blustery Dungeness, Kent. Joe's uncle Dave also has a boat down there and together they supply us with their spanking fresh catch of the day. 

They land a variety of top notch fish, mainly targeting Dover soles for the French market. In 2014 we saw a real range from these guys including cod, gurnard, seabass, plaice, lemon sole, dovers, grey mullet and some other truly weird and wonderful species. 

Kevin Penney

Boat: Bess

Port: Newlyn, Cornwall

Fishing in the clear blue waters off Cornwall, Kevin mainly targets brown crab, spider crab and lobster. At certain times of the year he'll use static nets and traditional handlines to catch spanking fresh Cornish fish too. He's our go to guy when we're after a big haul of fresh South-West shellfish for our members.

Are you an under-10m fisherman? We'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to join our growing network of fishermen, do get in touch.