In squid it's actually called a quill, not a cuttle bone. Hey, we can't all be marine biologists!

Our British cuttlefish are a little larger than these. You might need the help of a sharp knife to ease the cuttle bone out.

Here's how to open an oyster if you don't own a shucker

We've got some lovely mussels this week. If you've never cooked them before, have a look at this video, it'll show you how to de-beard and clean them.

Ready to eat your crab? Check out this video for a quick how-to. This week's crab is cooked for you so Fastforward to 4:00 and Mitch Tonks will show you how to get all that delicious meat out. 

A quick how-to on gutting a round fish. You don't need to bother with the scaling bit for fish like mackerel. They're scale free.

Okay... so you've boiled the little guy, here's how to prepare it for feasting. 

A simple video showing you how to prepare and cook your live lobster. He doesn't mention salting the water though. Salt your water!

 There's nothing quite like a good gurnard grappling! Take a look at this how to video to see it done by a pro. Then have a go yourself! 

Duncan Lucas from Passionate About Fish shows you the traditional method to skin, then fillet whole gurnards. 

We've got some lovely dover soles this week. Their flesh is delicious, but they do have quite leathery skin. Skinning a fish might seem pretty daunting, but as techniques go, it's pretty easy. Have a look at this before you try it at home.

All you need to know about crayfish. Although I wouldn't make the marie rose sauce. What is this, 1986..!?

We're SoleShare, London's first Community Supported Fishery. We only supply you with fish that's been caught on a rod and line, or with static gear. The way it should be.